TRICHOIC: having or exhibiting three colors
Trichoic is a creative collective based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Its insurgence into the local art and design community was a natural progression based solely on creative need and the desire to form a space to house the many aspects of its progenitor.

The Trichoic creative collective houses a web, graphic and interaction design studio, a contemporary art and photography studio and a massive collection of post-war and contemporary art and design.

Exhibitions: The Lost Bryce Hudson(s)

April 11th 2020, 5pm Trichoic and Modernist Icon Gallery will host an exhibition of works from Bryce Hudson created before the year 2013. Bryce Hudson is an internationally recognized, published and exhibited artist working across media. His works range from architecture-based paintings with lazer focused geometry to photo-based works with their roots in the Black experience with his Beauties and his interpretations of the modern female experience with his Holding Pattern series.

In 2012, a collection of approximately 21 of his finest works was taken for exhibit throughout the United States – only to end up in storage for the next 8 years. In that time, Hudson moved from Louisville, Kentucky to St. Petersburg, Florida. March 21st 2020 at 6pm we invite you to view this collection of works – many of which, have not been on view to the public.

Trichoic and the Modernist Icon Gallery are located at 3847 & 3849 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33713
(502) 767-8051  | View all works in the exhibit

Modernist Icon is a private collection and sales gallery based in St. petersburg, Florida. The aim of its collector is to collect and share a body of work based on the principles of Modernism along side Contemporary work from the mid 20th century to today.

Contemporary Websites is a small, boutique web and graphic design firm. With a strong emphasis on user experience design, bold design and responsive mobile functionality they produce strong, useful business tools for select clients.

Contemporary Artist Bryce Hudson is the brain child of the Trichoic Creative Collective. With exhibitions in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa he’s an artist of some renown working in abstract geometric paintings, photography and prints.

Art, Architecture & Design Posts

We at Trichoic are absolutely passionate about Art, Architecture and Design. Not only that, but collecting and producing it! From time to time when we encounter something new, we enjoy sharing what we’ve found. Enjoy exploring! Visit the blog to see all the posts.